a letter to my college self

With 2017 fresh on my mind, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve become the person I am today. Truthfully, many of the “life long” lessons I learned were while I was in college! Hence, the following letter to my college self! What lessons did you learn in college that impacted who you are today? Please share in the comments below!

Dear 2010 Kaitlin,

You’re halfway through college – way to go! Enjoy “Booze-day Tuesdays” and not having to be productive until 11:00 AM while you can, because it certainly won’t last forever! Trust me, in about 6 years, you’re going to start getting some serious hangovers (#adulting).

There’s one thing I want you to start keeping in mind…and I promise it won’t be the end of the world. It’s a simple mindset called preventative maintenance – trust me, it’ll save you time, money, and distress in the long run.

Since I know you, I know you’re thinking, “preventative maintenance, what the heck does that mean and how is it going to help me?” Humor me for a bit –

When your throat is hurting and you’re feeling run down, it’s smarter to stay at home for a night instead of insisting “a few shots of vodka will cure the sore throat”…and consequently staying up until 2:00 AM. That will lead you to the doctor (which costs money), which will lead you to the prescription you have to fill (also costs money), which will lead you to missing class and potentially have to hire a tutor (will cost even more money).

THIS is preventative maintenance.

OR while you’re driving in the car with your friend and you notice there’s a light on your dashboard that indicates you need to get an oil change, it’s smarter to suck it up and pay for the $25 oil change instead of saying, “it can wait until I’m with my parents next month”. That will lead to parts of your engine wearing out (which costs money), which will lead to your entire engine breaking down (also costs money), which could EVEN cause your car to catch on fire…which means you would either 1) have to live without a car or 2) buy a new car (and costs A LOT of money).

THIS is also preventative maintenance. Are you starting to catch my drift?

2010 Kaitlin, you sure are one lucky girl. I’d even venture to say that you have some guardian angels looking after you. These lessons you’re learning will stick with you forever and are helping to shape you as a person.

Stop worrying so much about the future and enjoy the moments you’re living RIGHT NOW! You don’t have to have it all figured out – doing your best is enough, you’ll never be perfect. In a few years, you’ll be out of school and have a very unexpected career…THAT YOU LOVE! And don’t stress about that boy – you’re not going to marry him anyway (guess what, you have a pretty awesome husband in the future, too…also someone who you wouldn’t have expected 🙂 ). And those student loans are inevitable, your experience in college was worth it. Pay your loans on time and even consider refinancing them in the future to get them paid off even sooner (side note: if you’re thinking about refinancing, I’ve heard great things about Earnest!)!

Just don’t forget to keep in mind preventative maintenance. I swear it will make your life much easier and hassle free – trust me, I’ve literally been in your shoes.

Lots of love,

2017 Kaitlin

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8 thoughts to “a letter to my college self”

  1. This letter really made me smile, especially when you started talking about preventative maintenance lol. Ooh and when go to the part of your future husband and career, I was thinking to myself, If 2010 Kaitlyn is reading this, she would probably be pissed at this cliffhanger lmbo

    1. Christal – Hahaha your comment made me laugh!! 🙂 I love that the future husband/career part made you think of yourself! 🙂

  2. I agree with you that preventative maintenance is what it’s all about! I went out way too much in college and wish I could have changed some things but I love that you wrote this and it’s inspirational!

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