back to blogging & kgw’s 1st anniversary

Hello and long time no see! Can I just tell you HOW excited I am to be back to blogging and sharing life with all of you! I can honestly say my blogging break did wonders for my creativity and organization. It’s one of those things where it was time for me to practice what I preach. I mean, have you read my post all about taking a step back?!! Looking back, it is so clear how desperately I needed to take a step back in my own life.

There are a few new things on KGW you’ll notice…as well as some new things I’ve incorporated to help me with organization. Also, KGW is celebrating its first anniversary! How in the world has it already been a whole year?!?!

new on kgw

For starters, I’ve decided to cut back the number of posts per week. Now that I’m back to blogging, I really see the benefit of quality over quantity. So, with that being said, be on the lookout for for new posts coming your way each Wednesday! What better way to make it through your hump day than with reading a kedgotwed post?!

I’ve also consolidated some of the menu options. Previously, there were separate categories for food and exercise. Now, those two are together under “health“. Also, I added a new category called “lifestyle” – this includes everything that used to be under newlywed life and get-togethers.

Finally, my best friend in the whole wide world, Megan, is officially my photographer! I’m so, so, soooooo excited about this! Actually, the pictures in this post are the first pics EVER on kedgotwed that have been taken with a real camera, not just an iPhone. So, ginormous shout out to Megan!

celebrating kgw’s first anniversary

A lot of big things have happened in my life since I started kedgotwed this time last year. I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at some of the highlights as a way to celebrate KGW’s first anniversary!

  1. Travel:

    Where do I even start?! As many of you know, traveling is a something Oakley and I love doing! In the past year, I’ve traveled near and far…literally! Italy, New Orleans, Belize, Seaside, Chicago, and Lake City are just a few of the high points! I can’t wait to see the fun places we end up during the next 12 months!

  2. Guppy: 

    OMGOMGOMGOMG!! Being a dog mom is the BEST! I can’t even believe how much I love Guppy! Actually, speaking of anniversaries, Guppy turns one TODAY!!

  3. BMA mentor program kickoff: 

    In a few KGW posts, I’ve talked about BMA, a marketing association I’m part of. Wellllllll, last October I was part of a group that started a mentor program for the Houston BMA chapter! The coolest part about the program is it’s really starting to pick up momentum. I’m a big believer in mentorship, and I’m so excited to be part of something that allows other young professionals to find mentors as well!

  4. 1st wedding anniversary: 

    Y’all!!! Sometimes I still wake up and think “holy crap, I’m married!!!” Not to sound too cheesy, but I love, love, love being married to Oakley! Sure, there are some ups and downs, but the ups 110% outweigh the downs!

  5. Define instructor: 

    This was a big one for me! As I mentioned in this self reflection post, my anxiety held me back from auditioning to be a cycling instructor at Define Body and Mind for way too long! Not only am I super proud of myself for conquering this anxiety speed bump, I’m also have a BLAST teaching cycling and getting to know other Define instructors and clients!

romper: Francesca’s (this one is a few years old, but linked are other cute options) | jacket: Dillards | shoes: Betsy Johnson from T.J. Maxx | earrings:SUGARFIX by BaubleBar | bracelets: David Yurman and Lagos | watch: Marc Jacobs (old, but similar here)


How’s that for a the first post in 6 weeks?! What have you all been up to since I’ve been gone? Fill me in! I’ve missed hearing from y’all! 🙂

Lots of love – ked

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    1. Caitlin – You’re always so sweet!! Thanks so much…I’m looking forward to the next year too! Ps – part of the fun of blogging is having blogging friends like you!! 🙂

  1. Congrats on your one year!! That’s such an accomplishment!! I, too, have cut down on the number of blog posts…it makes each one a lot more special! And in between I focus on my social media posts 🙂 Good luck with your blog! I’m sure I’ll be back again!

    1. Melissa – That’s so encouraging to hear! Thank you so much for sharing!!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you have had a fantastic year lady and lots of new and exciting things on the horizon! Super cute outfit by the way! xo

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