calendars – how i use them & why i’d be lost without them

My calendars are my biggest lifeline. Literally. Some days, I feel like my whole life would fall apart without them! I’ve never had a great memory, so ever since I was in high school, I’ve relied on calendars. I thought it would be fun to share how I currently organize my calendars / life! Being a newlywed, I’m also adjusting to keeping Oakley’s schedule in mind along with my own. It can be a struggle sometimes, but for the most part, I feel like I’m figuring it out!

my calendars

I have two main calendars – my planner and phone.

planner: best for keeping track of my personal life

Physically writing something down always helps me to remember it. In my planner, I always write in pencil – never ever, ever in pen! With this being said, I don’t have the most colorful planner, but it sure is organized! I utilize the monthly views and weekly views daily. Being able to look at the week as a whole allows me to see how much I’m committing to. Making sure I have time at home with Oakley and Guppy is important to me, and my planner is helping me get better at not over-booking myself.

If someone were to read my planner, they would learn A LOT about my life!! I have my New Year resolutions in it, exercise plans for the week, work meetings / commitments, personal activities, important dates (such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), miles I drive for work, and random “don’t forget” notes to myself. I want to start writing meals I have planned for dinner as well blog post reminders.

Each year when I buy a new planner, I look for something light weight, small enough to fit in my purse, but big enough to have plenty of room to write! For the past three years, I’ve bought my planner from Paper Source. They always have the best selection of planners and calendars! My favorite planner is actually made by Paper Source – it has all of the criteria I look for all for!! They’re sold out of my planner, but here’s a link to other options! (I also have this calendar at my office and this calendar at home!)

phone: best for keeping track of my married life

The convenience of having a calendar on your phone is unbeatable. Having the ability to immediately put an appointment in my calendar no matter where I am is a luxury I can no longer live without! That might be a little dramatic, but you catch my drift!

If you were to look at my phone calendar, you’d find some crossover with my planner, but also things that are exclusively in my phone. The overlapping items include work meetings / commitments, personal activities, and important dates. However, it’s not these overlapping events that make me such a fan of my phone calendar, it’s the differing ones.

Oakley and I have a shared Google calendar that is synced with my phone calendar. It’s great for knowing when he’s going to be out of town or when we have an event we’re going to together. To take it a step further, events in my phone calendar are also color coded!

A few other reasons I’m addicted to my phone calendar are that it helps me with planning events that are far in the future (such as big trips or weddings), Outlook events go directly to it (when synced with your Outlook account), and I’m able to quickly see if Oakley has anything on his schedule that I might have forgotten about.


And there you have it! My “calendar life” in a nutshell! How do you organize your life? Are you as calendar-dependent as I am?

Lots of love – ked

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8 thoughts to “calendars – how i use them & why i’d be lost without them”

  1. I got a Happy Planner for Christmas and I love it! I have always had a calendar but not really a planner, I’m loving all of the stickers and what not I can add to it. I should start writing in pencil, I don’t like the look of white out. Your calendar looks great. I keep a lot of blogging notes in my phone too.

    1. Leslie – I love the idea of having stickers!! And I totally agree with your thoughts on white out! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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