christmas recap / winter outfits

Why is it that Christmas always seems to come and go so quickly?! If I could pick one day per year for time to slow down, it would be Christmas! There’s nothing like spending quality time with your family and friends! It’s also so much fun picking out outfits to wear to all of the parties and get-togethers on your calendar!

Here’s a quick recap of the fun things I’ve been doing with my family and friends the past few weeks and a little about the winter outfits I have on! Here we go!

christmas shopping & lunch

[Me, Megan, Bailey, and Emily]

Every year we have a Christmas shopping and lunch with my sisters, mom, Megan, and her mom. We have been doing this for more than 10 years! It is always one of the first Christmas activities on my calendar, so I get super excited about it! This year, we went to Nino’s for lunch. We drank a lot of prosecco and had a grand ‘ole time!

After lunch, Megan came over to my apartment and Casey brought Hattie over. I can’t believe how much she’s growing! Megan and I took our traditional #hattieandgup picture – I might be a bit biased, but we have the cutest babies in the world!

jeans: DIY (email me if you want details) | blouse: Macy’s | cardigan: Stitch Fix | booties: T.J. Maxx

lunch at champions golf club

[Bailey, Meegs, me]

The second Christmas lunch of the season is our annual girls lunch at Champions Golf Club with Bebe, Meegs, my sisters, and my cousin, Katie. Champions has THE BEST Christmas decorations in Houston, if you ask me! We absolutely love going every year, looking at the beautiful decor, and enjoying a tasty lunch.

dress: Nordstrom (Not available anymore, but there are many similar ones!) | vest: borrowed from Bailey 🙂 | booties: T.J. Maxx (duh!)

christmas eve dinner

[Emily, Shelby, Tatum, Bailey, Bebe, me, Oakley]

For Christmas Eve, we celebrate with our great family friends, the Boatwrights! We have been friends with them ever since I can remember! Our families frequently go on summer trips together and we NEVER fail to have a good time!

After Christmas Eve dinner, we have a gift exchange! We have so much fun picking out gifts and then watching to see who ends up with them. Our gift exchange is one of my favorite parts of our Christmas Eve tradition! I went home with an adult coloring book and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it so far!

skirt: Zara | shirt: White House Black Market

christmas dinner

[Bebe, Emily, Megan, Paddy, Hattie, Meegs, Bailey, me, and Gup!]

[My ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas crew!]

Last but definitely not least, we have Christmas dinner with the Fairchilds! This year, it was a full house – 15 people total! Our families are growing and I absolutely love it! It’s always a feast and I end up eating way more than planned…but that’s what you’re supposed to do on Christmas, right?! We LOVE celebrating Christmas with the Fairchild crew and I honestly can’t imagine spending Christmas without them!

shrit: borrowed from Meegs 🙂 | leggings: lululemon | boots: Vince Camuto

What kept you busy this Christmas season?

Lots of love – ked


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