4 tips for conquering insecurities

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately are my insecurities. It’s something about swimsuit season that seems to bring them all to the surface. I find myself in a constant struggle between “just be happy and proud of the body I have” and “why don’t I look like those other girls”. For many of us, conquering insecurities is an uphill battle and might never be fully resolved. However, treating ourselves with love and respect is vital to living a happy and healthy life, therefore, is something I truly believe we should all strive for.

4 tips for conquering insecurities

1. focus on what you love

Have you ever spent time focusing on things you love about yourself? So often we critique ourselves – why not spend that time loving ourselves? Challenge yourself to write down or reflect on something you love about yourself daily. And don’t limit the love! Think of your physical traits, personality traits, big and small accomplishments, etc.

2. have a plan

One thing you can count on is having an off day every now and then – we all have them! Knowing ahead of time that these days are bound to happen is the first step to surviving them. Make a plan for how to treat yourself on your off days.

If nothing excites you more than the thought of taking a bath and drinking a glass of wine, this can be your “off day” plan! If you’re feeling blah, put on some lipstick and blush to physically brighten yourself up! There are endless things you can plan for your off days – just make sure your plan is about you and helping you get through your off day.

Note: On my off days, I do my best to avoid making drastic decisions. I tend to think I should start a crazy diet or embark on an insane exercise program. Off days are NOT the days to make decisions like these!

For more ideas on things to do for yourself, check out this post!

3. refresh the accounts you follow on social media

This is a big one for me. I used to scroll through my Instagram feed and look at girls who had “perfect” bodies. It was continuous torture right in the palm of my hand. Finally, I decided to stop following those accounts! Gradually, I made an effort to follow uplifting and encouraging accounts. Now, my Instagram feed is filled with way more things that make me feel good than things that make me feel insecure.

I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is struggling with insecurities to refresh the accounts you follow on social media. Out of sight, out mind, right?!

4. get your blood flowing

Exercise is proven to release endorphins. Incorporating the natural release of endorphins is a great way to help with conquering insecurities. Weather or not your insecurity is related to a physical aspect of your body, exercise and getting your blood flowing is bound to help you feel better. Try going for a walk during your lunch break or signing up for exercise classes after work!


While insecurities might never fully go away, we can still do our best to conquer them! What tips do you have for conquering insecurities?

Lots of love – ked

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16 thoughts to “4 tips for conquering insecurities”

  1. Yes girl, YES. I love the advice to not make any big decisions on “off” days! So good.

    You talked about instagram, but I think there’s other ways to limit the comparison game. For me, I stopped reading celeb magazines/websites (except for Oscar season!) because I felt like looking at these famous people with dietitians and workout coaches and PHOTOSHOP was an extreme I could live without. I’m much happier now with that particular comparison trap gone.

    1. Emma – You are SOOOO right about cutting out looking at celebs! For many of us, that’s not a realistic lifestyle! Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! This was a personal post for me, so I truly, truly appreciate it!

  2. Great advice. I try to focus on the good and not dwell on the imperfect. I will be exercising tonight…Zumba, luckily I can laugh at myself as I happily jiggle across the floor:-) Thanks for you post.

    1. Kathiey – Yay for Zumba..soooo fun!! 🙂 I love your tip on not dwelling on the imperfect! Definitely easier said than done, but something we should all strive for! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with the whole cutting out the celebrities part! Sometimes we forget that they are human beings just like the rest of us and without the filters and photoshop they too have insecurities that roar at them when they look in the mirror!

    Thank you for positing this it was a beautiful read <3


    1. Nazrin – Very, very good point about celebs having insecurities just like we do! It’s funny how we find ourselves feeling alone with our insecurities, but the person next to us is dealing with insecurities of their own!

  4. These are brilliant and very useful tips! Thank you for sharing them with us 🙂 I try to focus on the good things in life.

  5. Having a plan and focusing on what I love are critical in helping me get back to center. Knowing what’s important to me and who is important motivates me to be my best self…even when I’m worried about the “consequences”.

    1. Ant – You’re so right about focusing on who and what are important to you! Surrounding yourself with people who build you up (and don’t tear you down) is so, so important!

  6. Some great ideas for tackling insecurities! Social media can be a huge drain on our self-image – I think we’ve got to look at what other people are posting with a scrutinizing eye – knowing that we don’t see the whole picture. Or as you have suggested – stop following those that don’t help us feel secure in who we really are!

    1. Lori – Great thought on knowing we don’t see the whole picture of someone’s life on social media!

  7. Such a great ideas.. Right now I am 20 weeks pregnant and planning to join the prenatal yoga this week :D… Trust me this is such a great post to stop follow others to feel more insecure 🙂

    1. Melissa – Thanks so much! The funny thing about insecurities is they make us feel alone, but EVERYONE has them! I also notice that social media plays a part in my mood / how I feel about myself. A break could do all of us some good! 🙂

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