cuevas cooking date night – steak edition

steak date night – a cuevas favorite

Out of all of the date nights choices out there, one of the best is cooking date night! It’s one of my favorite things about being a newlywed! Not that cooking is just something we will just do as newlyweds, but it is the first time Oakley and I have gotten to cook together in a kitchen that’s ours!

Steak night is one of our go-tos – not only do we both love steak, but we also love all of the side dishes that go along with it! So naturally, steak night is a night that rolls around quite frequently in the Cuevas home.

Over the past few months, we have been cooking our steaks in the oven! I love this because Oakley doesn’t have to go downstairs to grill the steak while I stay in the apartment to make the potatoes, veggies, or anything else we might be eating!

Oakley has found a handful of recipes that he’s been testing – one thing that each recipe has in common is the the steaks are seared in a cast iron and then baked in the oven. This week, we used this recipe from BuzzFeed and it is definitely a keeper!

Along with the steak, I prepared mashed potatoes and green beans. Not going to lie, I’m a master mashed potatoes maker…just saying. I can make some pretty darn good mashed potatoes! Just ask Oakley!!

Okay, so here are some before and after pictures.


[We started with this beautiful, raw steak that Oakley picked out for us to share.]


[And of course, potatoes!]


[Voila! Date night success!]

The best part of the night was that Oakley and I had an A+ dish cleaner helping us out…


[Isn’t she just the cutest?!]

I never thought that Guppy would help us out so much around the apartment! What a win-win! What is your favorite meal to cook for date night? I’d love to try out some new recipes!

Lots of love – ked


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