december bucket list

If I had to pick ONE favorite month out of the whole year, I would pick December. There is something about the cold weather and Christmas decorations that puts me in a non-stop good mood! Over the weekend, I was thinking about different things I want to make sure I do this December…drum roll, please…here’s my December bucket list!

december bucket list

  1. Look at Christmas lights while sipping hot chocolate

    When I was little, my parents used to drive us around different neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights every year! Oakley and I have carried on that tradition and it’s still one of my all time favorites! This year, I would like to venture out of the car and go on foot with nice cup of hot chocolate – how fun does that sound?!

  2. Bake a Christmas dessert

    Last Christmas, I was obsessed with baking olive oil cakes. It sounds random and a little weird, but they’re so delicious! Here is the recipe I played with. This year I want to master another holiday dessert! I’m thinking something chocolaty this year. Any suggestions?

  3. Watch a Christmas movie and snack on popcorn

    Is there a better smell than freshly popped popcorn? I don’t think so! My favorite popcorn is when it’s popped on the stove and then drizzled with melted coconut oil and salt. It’s a snack that demands to be paired with a movie! Some of my favorite Christmas movies are Elf, The Holiday, and The Polar Express. What are yours?

  4. Give back to the community

    The holiday season always makes me remember how blessed I truly am. I would love to give back to the community somehow this December. Last year, I made mini care packages to hand out to the homeless. I kept a stash in my car and would give them out whenever I drove by someone standing on a street corner asking for money. I’m thinking I’ll do something similar again this year!

  5. Make New Year resolutions

    I am big, big, big on goal setting! I love the feeling of turning a new leaf and starting theย new year off with a fresh set of resolutions. My 2016 resolutions were to 1) journal more and 2) run at least 366 miles (since 2016 was a leap year)! This is the first year that I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished both of my resolutions!

    With that being said, it’s time to start thinking of some 2017 resolutions. I would like to have three this year – one specific to exercise, once specific to work, and one specific to my personal life/marriage.

What fun things to you have on your December bucket list?

Lots of love- ked



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10 thoughts to “december bucket list”

    1. Allison – that sounds lovely!! I sure do love a good cup of hot chocolate! Merry Christmas!

  1. December is such a magical month. I love driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights with my partner. I usually make some eggnog to take with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get to do everything on this list, and that you have a very Merry Christmas!

    Christie’s Take on Life.ย  xx

    1. Christie – that sounds like so much fun! There’s nothing better than a warm drink and Christmas lights!! Merry Christmas to you as well and thanks for stopping by!! <3

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