how to plan a halloween party

One of my favorite things to do with my mom is planning/hosting parties (Did you check out this post about the baby shower we threw for Megan?!)! Entertaining is something we both love and she always teaches me so many fun things about being a good hostess. This year, we decided to throw a Halloween party! I have to say, it was definitely a success!

prep work

First, we started with the guest list. We both agreed that we did not want too many people – we aimed for 12-14 guests. Next, we had to decided if we wanted to have a sit down dinner or serve finger foods – again, we both agreed that a sit down dinner would be better for a group of 12-14 people.

Picking out recipes is one of my favorite parts of planning a get-together! We’ll get to those later in this post, but I can assure you that we picked recipes that were perfect for a Halloween party!!

Finally, we talked about decorations, another one of my favorite parts of entertaining! My mom is so, so, soooo good at this and I always have so much fun helping her with the mantle, centerpieces, and other parts of the house.

day of prep

Saturday morning rolled around and it was time to put our plan into action! We started with the centerpieces and then set the tables.


[The main dining room table.]


[A close up of the centerpiece!]


[The second table – I loved these table cloths!]

After we were finished with the inside, we headed outside to set up the bar.


[How cute is this table cloth?!]


[It’s not a Halloween party without dry ice! Am I right??]


[Happy Halloween!]

Once we decorated, it was time to start cooking! I won’t bore you with all of the cooking details, but here are links to some of the highlights of the evening:

let the halloween party begin

Once the Halloween party started (and the moscule mules started flowing), I lost track of my phone and forgot to take pictures! Luckily, I snagged a few at the beginning!


[The hostesses with the mostest!]


[A super cute cheese ball made by Megan’s mom, Paddy!]

I was so excited that some of my favorite friends could join us for the festivities! Even Hattie and Guppy made appearances!


[Could Hattie get any cuter!???]


[Gup LOVED her Halloween costume!]



[What a STUD!!]


[The best (and cutest) parents a girl could ask for!!!]



Overall, it was a fantastic evening! The next party to prepare for is the semi-annual Dunlap Christmas party – I can’t even wait!

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