how to plan a weekend bachelorette party

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is getting married?! I’m not really one to talk – I got married less than 18 months ago, haha! With all of these weddings, I’ve found my calendar has filled up…not only with weddings, but with bachelorette parties! This weekend, I’m hosting a bachelorette party in New Orleans for one of my BEST friends, Christy! I thought it would be fun to share a quick guide on how to plan a weekend bachelorette party!

[Christy and me on my bachelorette party!! Not sure why our eyes are so squinty…toomuchwine??]

3-4 months out

  1. Pick a date & location – When will the weekend bachelorette party take place? Does the bride want to stay close to home 0r have a true weekend getaway! Either way, decide on a date and location and stick with it.
  2. Book a place to stay – A good default is always booking a hotel; however, I would suggest using Air BNB to find more space and a better deal!
  3. Get the word out – Once you have a date, location, and place to stay, it’s time to inform your guests. A Facebook event is perfect for something like this!
  4. Decide on travel arrangements – Are you going to drive or fly? If necessary, go ahead and book your flight!

4-5 weeks out

  1. Secure the final head count – By this time, most people should know if they’re going to be able to join in for the fun! Getting a head count is important for a few reasons – divvying up prices, making reservations, ordering special party favors, etc.
  2. Make reservations – If you’re planning on having a group dinner one night, book your reservation now! Will you be renting a party bus or a scheduling fun activity for the group? If so, get those reservations made and check it off your to do list!

3-4 weeks out

  1. Plan your theme – Are you going with a theme? A theme can be as specific as “last sail before the veil” (nautical), or as generic as using a color theme (pink and gold is a great option)! Whatever you decide, start planning! Make sure to hit up my Party Planning Pinterest board for inspiration!
  2. Order personalized items – I love having a personalized party favor that goes with the theme of the weekend for each girl (ie: cups, shirts, bags, etc.)! Since personalized items generally take longer, plan for plenty of production time and shipping! My fave place to shop for these things is Etsy!!
  3. Decided if you will include a shower – A lingerie shower is perfect to throw during a weekend bachelorette party! If the bride is on board, get her sizes and let your guests know.

2-3 weeks out

  1. Order non-personalized items – Non-personalized items don’t take as long in production as personalized items. Examples of non-personalized items you can order are photo booth props, fun necklaces, and themed shot glasses.
  2. Buy other favors / decorations – You don’t need to order everything online! I love going to Target to stock up on cute decorations – there always seems to be a great selection there. You should also stock up on champagne, candy, snacks, ADVIL (haha), etc.

week of / day before

  1. GET EXCITED – Shower the brides with texts and phone calls getting her EVEN more excited for the weekend to come!
  2. Iron out the money situation – Let guests know how much they owe for things you had to put a deposit on / things the group is splitting the cost of – Venmo is a great tool for this.
  3. Make a packing list & pack – You should be packed and prepared for anything! What are things the bride might forget? BRING EXTRA! Do you have all the decorations and party favors? Double and triple check!
  4. Day before – If necessary, check into your flight!

day of / throughout the weekend

  1. Let the festivities begin!!
  2. Make sure the bride is having a blast the whole time – you’re only happy when she’s happy!
  3. BIG TIP: Don’t drink too much! Remember, you’re the hostess. It’s important to have loads of fun, but more importantly, make sure the bride is having the BEST weekend of her life!


Have you ever planned a weekend bachelorette party? Are you in the process of planning one now? What other tips / suggestions do you have?

Lots of love – ked

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6 thoughts to “how to plan a weekend bachelorette party”

  1. This is perfect! I’m planning one for this month and I’m happy to have this list to double check all is covered 😉

    1. Shelby – It’s always so much fun to plan a bachelorette party, but there sureeeee is a lot that goes into it! Good luck planning and HAVE FUN! <3

  2. My sister and I are in the middle of starting to plan my bachelorette party this summer so I am so in the mood for talking bachelorette parties! lol thanks for the tips!!

    1. Claire – HOW FUN!!!! I hope you and your sister have a blast planning your bachelorette party! <3

  3. How fun are bachelorette parties! So much fun planning it,but the real fun is when it happens.

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