how to road trip with a puppy

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Last weekend, Oakley and I took a road trip to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi to visit his aunt. Even though it’s a six hour drive, we decided to take Guppy with us anyway! Since she’s still only three-months-old, I asked myself, “HOW are we going to prepare for a road trip with a puppy?!” Below are four steps that I found key in the success of our first roadtrip with Gup:

step 1

Pack towels – Even though Gup is *pretty much* potty trained, I still wanted to make sure we had towels handy. On the off chance that she got sick or had an accident, I knew we would be grateful to have something to clean it up with! She ended up not having a single accident (yay!) and she enjoyed laying on the towels. I will forever bring them on any road trip with a puppy or grown dog!


[Does that count as a wink?!]

step 2

Bring a variety of toys – If your dog is anything like Gup, then you know that the same toy gets boring after about 10 minutes! Guppy has so many different toys she likes – balls, ropes, stuffed animals, bones…the list goes on and on! I made sure to bring a wide variety of different toys to help her stay entertained.

I ended up being very glad that we had a lot of toys with us! Guppy definitely got bored in the car…and when she got bored, she started chewing on the seatbelts and other parts of the car. Having a variety of toys helped me distract her from tearing up Oakley’s car!

step 3

Dog food – On a road trip, it’s easy to quickly go through a drive thru for dinner and then get back on the road. But, you can’t forget about feeding your furry baby too! Make sure to pack dog food…AND a portable bowl or tupperware for food and water!

I brought food, but totally forgot about bringing bowls! When we stopped for dinner, Oakley asked the restaurant if they had anything we could use to put her dog food in. Luckily, they had some plastic bowls that worked perfectly! In the future, I definitely need to remember my own!

step 4

Plan for potty breaks – For Oakley and me, it was most productive to plan potty stops where it made sense for us to stop anyway (when we were stopping for food or gas). Guppy definitely appreciated being able to get out and stretch her legs! We probably stopped every 2-3 hours and it seemed to work well.


Guppy was GREAT in the car. She had fun looking out the window, sitting in my lap, and playing with her toys. She definitely took her fair share of naps, but we were a-okay with that!

I really think she enjoyed the road trip! She got to hang out with her mom and dad for six straight hours – what pup doesn’t enjoy that kind of quality time!? And honestly, Oakley and I probably enjoyed the quality time with our little family even more than she did! We can’t wait for our next road trip!

Have you ever taken a road trip with a puppy? I’d love to hear  your stories!

Lots of love – ked

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