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Hellooo, friends! How’s everyone doing? Life if pretty good over here in my little bubble! I can’t believe it’s almost April! This year is flying!! I have a fun post coming for y’all at the beginning of next month talking about touching base with New Year Resolutions. If you’re thinking “holy smokes, I barely remember my New Year Resolutions,” then stay tuned!

Since March is getting close to being over, I thought it would be fun to do another Instagram round up – did you check out my first round up last month?! Before we dive in I wanted to let y’all know I did a guest post for that went live this week! Let me know what you think!

round up

shirt: T.J. Maxx | jeans: Stitch Fix | bag: Louis Vuitton

This outfit was my last “cool weather” outfit featured on the blog for the season. Check out the post here!

jeans: Joe’s Jeans | shirt: T.J. Maxx | vest: J. Crew | booties: T.J. Maxx

I love the bright flowers in this picture! I’ve totally been into fresh flowers lately. I bought the prettiest pink tulips for our apartment on Sunday – they put such a big smile on my face!!

shoes: J. Crew (sold out, but similar) | bag: Louis Vuitton

And hellooooo SPRING! This outfit was also featured on the blog – you can check it out here!

shirt: T.J. Maxx | jeans: Stitch Fix | sandals: Tory Burch (old, but I love these) | watch: Marc Jacobs (old, but similar here) | bracelets: David Yurman and Lagos

shirt: J. Crew | skirt: T.J. Maxx | necklace: Em & Lee | shoes: Tory Burch | watch: Marc Jacobs | cardigan: my mom’s closet 🙂

So, this definitely is not an outfit picture, but it’s so darn cute that I couldn’t resist including it. Plus, I wanted to officially share Guppy’s haircut with y’all. Needless to say, it’s much shorter than Oakley and I had everrr expected, but she seems to be a-okay with it! And plus, look at that smile!!!

Last but not least, some smooches for my hubby! We were only able to make it to the rodeo once this year, but I’m sure glad we snagged this cute pic! This is the same outfit shown above, but here are the details once more!

jeans: Joe’s Jeans | shirt: T.J. Maxx | vest: J. Crew | booties: T.J. Maxx


What have you been up to lately? Don’t forget to keep an eye out for a “touching base with your New Year Resolutions” post coming soon!

Lots of love – ked

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6 thoughts to “instagram round up :: march”

    1. SS – you’re too sweet! Thank you!! My Louis Vuitton was my wedding gift from my hubby 🙂 I was so surprised! Thanks so much for stopping by kedgotwed!

    1. Bernidette – Yes, I totally love the lace up flats! I’m bummed J. Crew sold out of the pair I have, but there’s a SUPER cute red pair I’ve been eyeing lately 🙂

    1. Jennifer – thank you!! It took a little while for us to get used to her short hair, but she’s totally loving it!! 🙂

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