italy adventure – florence part 1

Florence is truly a once in a lifetime experience! It’s a beautiful, busy city filled with history. There is so much to do – I don’t think we were bored one single moment during our time there. Oakley and I stayed in Florence for three days and we felt it was a good amount of time; however, we would have been happy to stay longer!

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[So excited to be in Florence!]

Where to even start?? First, we decided to buy Firenze passes, which allowed us access to the majority of the museums, gardens, etc. and to skip all of the lines. I would 100% suggest this to anyone going to Florence for more than two days. The cost of the pass is about $75 – if you plan on going to two or three of the major museums, the pass has paid for itself. Plus, it’s a HUGE timesaver with not having to wait in lines!

After we arrived in Florence and checked into our hotel, we roamed through the streets around the Duomo and made our way to the Ponte Vecchio. We browsed through the street markets while walking to the Piazzale Degli Uffizi, where we rested our feet and made a game plan for the next two days. This plaza happened to have some fantastic people watching as well, which we thoroughly enjoyed!! For dinner, we ate pasta and drank wine at Ristorante II Cavallino in Piazza della Signoria. It was fairly touristy, but had great food and service!

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[Ponte Vecchio]

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[Standing on Ponte Vecchio – a gorgeous view!]

We spent the next morning at the Uffizi and the afternoon at Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens. Visiting the Boboli Gardens was hands down my favorite part of Florence – it’s definitely in my top 3 favorite experiences of Italy!

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[Preparing for the long walk up to the top of the Boboli Gardens!]


[Beautiful view from the top!]


[I can’t get enough of this place!]

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[Loving every minute!!]


[Strolling, strolling, strolling]

After we left the garden, we were ready for a drink! On our way back to the hotel, we stumbled upon a bar with a balcony on the sixth floor. It had the most amazing view! It felt like we could see every single inch of the city.

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[Cheers to Florence!!]

For dinner that night, we went to a highly recommended restaurant called La Giostra. Let me tell you – this place has character!! The owner, whose father started the restaurant, wears bracelets up to his elbows and dresses very eclectically. He’s a hoot! He truly made our experience at La Giostra unforgettable. Oakley and I were lucky enough to have him serve us. He told us that his father invented a dish that’s now well known in Florence – pear ravioli. Of course, once we found that out, we had to order it!

We started with complimentary appetizers and prosecco from the restaurant. We ordered an additional appetizer, buratta, recommended by the owner. From there, we split the pear ravioli for our first course – it was incredibly delicious! I would have never thought to put pears into ravioli, but I’m so grateful that the geniuses behind La Giostra did. Oakley ordered the goat chops and I had balsamic steak for our second courses. The steak was a bit tough, but Oakley’s goat chops were amazing!

On our walk back to the hotel, we grabbed some gelato…because why not?! I think I could have eaten gelato every single day of our trip – it was so, so good! And that’s saying a lot, because I’m not a huge fan of ice cream!

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There was so much that we did in Florence that it would make this post seem never ending. For this reason, I’m going to break it up into two posts. Stay tuned for Florence Part 2!

Lots of love – ked


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