italy adventure – florence part 2

There’s so much to say about Florence that I felt like it deserved two blog posts (here’s part 1 if you missed it). It’s funny because I didn’t actually realize how much I enjoyed Florence until we had left. You know what they say – absence makes the heart grow fonder! Part of me thinks I loved our time in Florence so much because it was the first city in Italy we spent a decent amount of time in. We were so excited to be there, finding our way, walking through town, eating delicious gelato, and stumbling upon beautiful plazas.

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[I love you, Florence!]

Don’t get me wrong, we loved the history and art too! We spent hours and hours perusing museums and soaking up the feeling of being in the presence of some of the world’s most famous pieces of art. Florence will forever have a special place in my heart!

The morning after our dinner at La Giostra, we covered a lot of ground – literally. We started at The Accedemia to see the statue of David. Oh. My. Gosh. It was unreal!!! It blows my mind that it began as a ginormous piece of marble and Michelangelo chipped away at it until it was transformed into a work of art. I wonder if he knew the impact his art would still be having on us today?

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[Oh hey, David.]

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[Of course, we had to take a selfie with David!]

From The Accedemia, we went to the Duomo and climbed alllll the way to the top! It was a very…interesting…experience. The stairways were tight and narrow. There were loads of people and we were all walking in a single file line. We could barely see any sunlight and there was zero airflow. It took at least 30 minutes to get to the top. To say the least, if you’re claustrophobic, I would not suggest this activity!! However, it was worth it once we FINALLY made it to the top!

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[So incredibly beautiful!]

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[Before we knew what we were getting ourselves into!]

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[30 minutes later, we finally made it to the top!]

After the thrill of the Duomo, we decided it was time for food. Oakley had found a restaurant online called Trattoria Sergio Gozzi that he wanted to try, so we gave it a shot. It was a very “manly” restaurant. He totally loved it, so I wanted to mention it. Trattoria Sergio Gozzi is known for its Florentine steaks – we’re talking like 40 oz steaks….FOR LUNCH. Yep, the restaurant is only open for lunch. Needless to say, neither one of us ordered the famous steak. Oakley had a grilled pork chop and I had cheese ravioli. I thought my meal was good, but Oakley thought his was delicious. In a later conversation, he said it was his favorite meal in Florence.

We didn’t have much planned for the second half of the day, so we set out walking. Since we enjoyed the Boboli Gardens so much the day before, we thought it would be fun to find another garden to visit. We started walking in the direction of another garden and found ourselves at the bottom of a seemingly endless stone stairway. We had nothing to lose, so up we went!

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[At least it was a pretty day!]

Stair after stair after stair after stair! Between climbing the Duomo earlier in the day and these stairs, there was a point where I thought all of Florence was made of stairs!

Words don’t describe how worth it the climb was!! We found ourselves at Piazzale Michelangelo, at the top of a hill overlooking the entire city! It was HANDS DOWN the best view of Florence! We took our fair share of pictures and then sipped on a few glasses of wine while enjoying the view. I was in heaven! I have the best memories of this exact moment in time – if I could relive it right now, I 100% would.

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[Sooooo worth the climb!]


[Can we pleaseee go back!?]

Once we made our way back down the infinite stairs, we browsed through the street markets and enjoyed a laid back dinner. We talked about all of the fun we were having and everything we had already experienced while being in Italy. We were a little bit sad knowing that the next morning we would be leaving Florence, but we were so excited to see what else Italy had in store for us!

If you have any questions about our time in Florence, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m definitely not an expert, but would be happy to share more details and other tips!

Lots of love – ked

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