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People, we’re already more than halfway through January…2017 is flying!! In looking back at some recent posts, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a personal post about things that are going on with me! It’s time for a life update / recap on what I’ve been up to since Christmas!

life update /  recap

december 28: texas a&m bowl game – pregame sideline passes

My old friends from Chick-fil-A were nice enough to give Oakley and me tickets to the A&M bowl game in Houston! And on top of that, they ALSO gave us pregame sideline passes! We felt like VIPs walking around on the field watching the teams warm up for the big game. Unfortunately, A&M didn’t have a victory that night, but we still had a great time cheering them on!

december 31: nye

Let me start by saying that Oakley has terrible luck with New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, that bad luck continued this year with him waking up on New Year’s Eve morning sick! He was feeling nauseous and achy all day. We had dinner plans with Megan, Casey, and Hattie, but I thought Oakley was going to want to cancel! At the last minute, he decided that he wanted to power through, so we stuck with the plan.

[Hattie’s first NYE!]

[Bestie for the restie, but for real..]

Luckily, Oakley started feeling better at dinner! After we ate, he wanted to go to a friend’s house party to ring in the new year. We met up with Garrett and Sara and headed over to the party.

At 12:15, the four of us decided we were tired and ready for bed (haha – at least we made it to midnight!).

january 5: said goodbye (for now) to allie

Y’all met Allie in this a few months ago. Well, I’m sad (sad for me, but happy for her) to say that she and her boyfriend, Clayton, just moved to Sacramento! Clayton had an opportunity at work to move there and they couldn’t turn it down. Honestly, I don’t blame them on bit!

It was sad saying bye to such a great friend 🙁 But, looking at the glass half full, I can’t wait to go visit her in Cali!!! Napa, HERE WE COME!

january 13: lunch with mom and bailey / beginning of marathon weekend

As many of you know, Bailey is a junior at UT (If you’re reading this, heyyyy Sistah!!!). Anyway, her winter break is now over and she’s gone back to Austin. Last Friday, my mom and I went to lunch with Bailey one last time before she went back to school.

[If this pic looks familiar, it’s because you saw it on this post too!]

After work, Oakley and I went to dinner with Sara and Garrett. Oakley and Garrett were going to run the marathon that weekend, so none of us drank. It was literally a once in a lifetime, non-alcoholic dinner for the Doodlers (aka Sara+Garrett+Kaitlin+Oakley).

[Snapchat pic, aka, not the best quality – haha!]

january 14: christy’s shower

Have I told you one of my BEST friends is getting married in Belize this year?!?! Yep, it’s true! Christy Beck, who I frequently call “frand”, and her fiance, Jack, are tying the knot in April…IN BELIZE. And to make it even cooler, I have the honor of being Christy’s MOH! I couldn’t be more excited!!!!

Last Saturday, we had Christy’s first bridal shower. Her future-mother-in-law hosted it at her house in Bryan, Texas. It was so fun seeing Christy, who live in Austin, meeting her future family, and showering her with gifts and endless love (Too cheesy?? Nawww.)!!

[She’s such a cute bride, right?!]

january 15 – houston marathon

Last but not least, as you read in this and this post, Sunday, January 15th was the Houston Marathon! Oakley was a badass and ran the WHOLE thing, while I ran the half marathon! I’m incredibly proud of Oakley for sticking with his running plan and totally crushing the marathon! I’d like to think he enjoyed the experience, but that might be stretching the truth – haha!! I do, however, know that he’s very happy that the race is behind him!

[Obligatory, pre-race Snapchat selfie!!]

If you’ve made it this far down the post, then I’m honored you care so much about my life!! Since you care so much, you should head on over to Snapchat and follow me (kedunlap12)! Most of these updates were posted live on Snapchat!

Lots of love – ked

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