behind the scenes of a newbie’s first attempt at mason jar salads

This week, I’m trying something new that I wanted to share with you all. From the cover photo of this post, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that it has something to do with healthy eating! SPOILER ALERT – YOU’RE RIGHT!!! Early last week, I told Oakley I want to start doing a little bit of meal prepping. I feel like I eat fairly healthy for breakfast and dinner, but I was really starting to slack with my lunch game. I’m talking snacking on junk food before eating, chips with my lunch…just all around unhealthy choices. NOT OKAY! So, we started brainstorming and decided to try mason jar salads!

I was super excited about getting started and immediately started browsing Pinterest to find a few recipes. The opportunities are endless – to check out some of my favorites, head over to my lunch board on Pinterest!

To get started, I found this simple guide to help figure out how to layer the salads – PS, huge thanks to Evolving Table for creating this!!

first round of making mason jar salads

The first two salads I made were a veggie salad and a Greek salad. Here’s the step-by-step progression for the veggie salad!

dressing + cherry tomatoes

green bell pepper

red bell pepper


red onion

goat cheese

brown rice


TIP: When labeling your salads, make sure to dog-ear a corner of your tape or sticker so it’s easy to remove when you’re finished! No one likes picking away at adhesive stuck on glass!

thoughts on mason jar salads


Not only are they healthy, but they’re super convenient! It doesn’t get any better than that, right?! I love having these salads already prepared and waiting for me in my refrigerator. Also, there are so many different recipes out there to try – the sky is the limit!


Prepping these salads is time consuming! Between chopping the veggies, cooking your protein / grains, and assembling the salads, you’re looking at a decent chunk of time.

bottom line:

Yes, yes, yes! I will most definitely stick with mason jar salads! I’m already excited about trying new recipes – I’m thinking taco salads next week!


Have you ever tried mason jar salads? What are your favorite recipes? I’d love to try some of your favorites out!




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12 thoughts to “behind the scenes of a newbie’s first attempt at mason jar salads”

  1. I have only done these a couple of times but they’re so great!! Super convenient when you just need to grab something quick. Thanks for the great ideas!

    xoxo Paige

  2. I’ve never tried mason jar salads before, but I was just on the phone with my best friend talking about new ways we can try to eat healthier lunches and dinners. I’ll definitely have to bring up this concept when we talk next!

  3. I’ve never tried them but this looks so cute! Other than obviously healthy and convenient 😉 Maybe you can resere some time and prepare more than one at the time so you can save some time? Healthy cooking it’s a bit time consuming but it’s so worth it 😀

    1. Mimi – I completely agree that making a bunch at one time saves time! I made 4 in one sitting at it probably took me 40 minutes. But honestly, it wouldn’t have taken much longer if I had made 6 or 7. I just ran out of mason jars!

    1. Courtney – Let me know if you end up trying them out!! Also…I’d love to see some of your meal prep ideas on Life of a Med School Wife! 🙂

    1. OMG this is what I get for being slow at approving comments! Thanks so much Allyson 🙂 🙂 This just made my day!

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