checking in with new year resolutions

Can we take a moment and talk about how it’s already April 8th?! Like, where has the time gone? Butforreal!!! As I mentioned in this post, over the past week or so, I’ve really been thinking about the New Year resolutions I set for myself. Since we’re already a quarter of the way through 2017, checking in with New Year resolutions seems fitting. If you’re new around here, check out the New Year resolutions post for a look at how I structured my 2017 resolutions.

Anyway, down to business. It’s time for a major check in!


First, take a moment to revisit the resolutions you set back in January. If you’re like me, I had to pull out my journal (where I wrote down my resolutions) to remind myself. Let me tell you – I started out 2017 feeling very ambitious!

I set small goals for myself in 5 of the most important areas of my life: marriage, personal, work, health, and kedgotwed. In a nutshell, my resolutions looked something like…

  • marriage – do small, loving acts of kindness for Oakley more regularly
  • personal – look for the good in everyone
  • work – follow through with the social media calendar I created
  • health – cut back on alcohol consumption and run a certain number of miles per week (I never fully decided on how many miles)
  • kedgotwed – honestly, I could never decide on a resolution for kedgotwed…


If I had to guess, after you were reminded of your 2017 resolutions, you had a come-to-Jesus moment. Maybe you set a unrealistic goal for yourself from the get go…or maybe your priorities have changed since January. No matter the case, don’t let it be a reason to give up on your resolutions! Last time I checked, there’s no “thou shalt not tweak thy New Year resolutions” rule out there.

For me, I realized I’m doing really well with some of my resolutions, while others seem to have been left behind in January (oops).


  • marriage – I truly feel like Oakley and I have been making an effort to do small, but meaningful things for each other. I love thinking of new ways to show Oakley how much he means to me!! I also love being surprised by the sweet things he does for me!
  • work – So far, I’ve stuck with the social media plan I created for 2017. I don’t always like it, but it’s definitely worth it!

room for improvement

  • personal – Starting off the year, I was making an effort to see the good in others and to cut out gossiping, etc. I felt so much happier without that unnecessary negativity! Unfortunately, I’ve noticed some of these bad tendencies creep into my life again.
  • health – While I’ve definitely cut back on my alcohol (aka wine) consumption, I have barely run at all this year!!!
  • kedgotwed – Since I never got around to actually setting a goal for kedgotwed, it def falls into the “room for improvement” category.


This is my favorite part of checking in with New Year resolutions. Revise your resolutions so they fit with your current goals and priorities. Use this check in as an opportunity to set yourself up for success, not failure! If your resolution was to go to the gym three times per week, but lately you’ve fallen in love with running outside, consider tweaking your goal to reflect running.

For me, I’m going to revise my health and kedgotwed resolutions.

  • health – Now that I’m an instructor at Define, I spend a lot more time there! Instead of having my health resolution focus on running, I’m going to revise it to revolve around the variety of classes at Define.
  • kedgotwed – My main goal for kedgotwed is it keep it fun! To best accomplish this, I want to make “bite-sized” goals. I’m thinking I’ll do quarterly goals focusing on different aspects of blogging – with that being said, my second quarter goal for kedgotwed is to reach 1,000 organic Instagram followers!


Okay, I lied. THIS is my favorite part of checking in with New Year resolutions! We’ve revisited, reflected, and revised our resolutions – now it’s time to recommit. Turn a new page and dedicate yourself to your revised goals! Keep in mind, there’s nothing stopping you from doing this exercise again in a few months. The most important thing is to continue setting  yourself up to succeed.

One last thing I want to mention – checking in with your resolutions should not be something you do to let yourself off the hook. Be honest with yourself – have you given your resolutions a good effort? I encourage you to resist changing your resolutions before you’ve given yourself a chance to succeed. If this is the boat you’re in, take the opportunity to recommit to your resolutions and to yourself – YOU CAN DO IT!!


I’d love to hear how your check in goes with your resolutions! Please share in the comments below!!

Lots of love – ked

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