puppy fever

In case you didn’t guess from the cliff hanger I left you with in my last post, Oakley and I are getting a puppy!

Even before we got married, Oakley and I knew we wanted to get a puppy. Initially, we wanted a lab – we both grew up with labs and love their playful personalities. The only downside for us is the vast amount of shedding! As newlyweds, we don’t exactly have the best vacuum ever and we aren’t ready to be living in an apartment full of dog hair.

Our good friends who live in our apartment complex, Sara and Garrett, have a labradoodle named Rosie and we looove playing with her (We love Rosie’s brother, Rory, too!!)! Not only does Rosie have the cutest personality, but she doesn’t shed!


[Rosie and Rory!!!]

We started researching and somehow, I can’t remember exactly how it unfolded, we decided that a goldendoodle would be the perfect dog for us! Like labradoodles, they are hypoallergenic (aka, they don’t shed much), smart, playful, loving, and ADORABLE!

We found a breeder in Fort Worth, Lonestar Doodles, and put down a deposit in April. We told Lonestar that we would be ready for a puppy anytime after mid-September (we didn’t want to get a new pup before our Italy trip). We requested a medium (40-50 lbs), first generation female with brown, wavy fur.

Fast forward to July – can you believe our surprise when we found out that a litter was going to be born and ready to go home with their new families the weekend after we get back from Italy!?! WOW! What are the chances, right!? My first reaction was pure joy, my second reaction was what-are-we-getting-ourselves-in-to, and my third (and final) reaction was OHMYGOSHICANTWAIT!!!!

Our future puppy’s litter was born on August 2nd. Lonestar keeps the puppies for 7 weeks to give them enough time with their mom and to ensure they’re healthy. This week, we got pictures of the 3-week-old cuties! We’re not sure yet which is ours, but here are all of the girls in the litter:

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

I love them all!! Look at their cute little faces! Which is your favorite?

One of the best parts about the timing of picking up the puppy is that it’s the weekend of Oakley’s birthday! We’re planning on spending the weekend in Fort Worth and coming home with the pup on Sunday. You’ll be reading much more about our puppy adventure as it gets closer!

Lots of love – ked


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