the perfect outfit for brunch

There’s something about posting on Wednesdays that makes me really happy! For starters, the hardest part of the work week is behind us and I feel like it’s socially acceptable to start thinking about the weekend! One of my favorite weekend activities is to go to brunch! It’s such a feel-good thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday. The sun is out, you have the rest of the day in front of you, good food, good drinks…the list goes on and on! Andddd, on top of that, who doesn’t love picking out a super cute outfit for brunch?! Starting the day out on such a fun note is always a WIN in my book!

Speaking of brunch outfits, I have the perfect one to share with you!

the perfect outfit for brunch

I snagged this shirt at…drumroll, please…T.J. Maxx for the Fourth of July (big surprise there, right?!). When I first bought it, I didn’t think about how much use I would get out of it! I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve worn it at least 5 times!

It’s so perfect for our hot, Houston days. The fabric is super light weight and the cold shoulder cut outs allow it to breathe a bit. And on top of the comfort, I love the color!! Sometimes I have to force myself to NOT buy blue clothing, because I’m so drawn to it. We all have our vices, right??

shirtT.J. Maxx | pantsTory Burch | shoesT.J. Maxx | earrings: Baublebar

tips for picking an outfit for brunch

  • Versatility – Keeping in mind that brunch is a late morning / early afternoon activity, make sure you won’t need to run home to change clothes if your friends make spur of the moment post-brunch plans!
  • Try something new – I’m not quite sure why, but brunch is one of my favorite times to try out a style I’ve had my eye on. Maybe it’s something about feeling refreshed over the weekend that gives me the boost of confidence I need to go a little out of my comfort zone?! I’d highly suggest using brunch as an occasion to try something new!
  • Put in a little extra effort – I know I’m not the only one who half-heartedly picks out an outfit and puts on makeup as fast as possible Monday – Friday! Use brunch as a time to have fun getting ready! Go all out…because why not?!


Is it the weekend yet?! After writing this post, I’m SO ready for some brunch action! Who’s with me??? Do you have any other tips for picking out an outfit for brunch??

Lots of love – ked


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27 thoughts to “the perfect outfit for brunch”

    1. Courtney – Great minds think alike….it’s one of my favorite color combos too!! Hope your day is going well! xoxo

  1. I love this outfit on you! It looks so chic and effortlessly put together. I’m also a big fan of white pants, but with four little kids it’s really not a good idea for me to wear them. 😉

    1. Justine – I completely understand that…I don’t even have kids, but I always find a way to get my white jeans dirty! Haha!!

    1. Logan – Thank you!!! And I 100% agree with you on white jeans and nude heals! Such a timeless look!

    1. Joy – You’re so sweet!!! And I’m soooo on the same page as you – I can’t get enough of cold shoulder tops!!! <3

    1. Erica – Thank you! I’ve had a loooot of fun pairing these earrings with different outfits. They always make me smile! 🙂

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