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August 9th is a very big day in my family – it’s not only my sister, Bailey’s, birthday, but also my grandmother, Bebe’s, birthday!! With this comes lots and lots of celebration…even when August 9th falls on a Tuesday…which it did this year!

This August 9th was extra special because it was Bailey’s 21st birthday and she’s currently in Austin taking summer classes at UT! I wanted Bailey to have the BEST 21st birthday EVER, so a few months ago I decided to plan a surprise party for her. (Then, after a few too many glasses of wine, I told her about my grand plan of throwing her a surprise party. Smart thinking, Kaitlin.) Since she knew a surprise party was coming, I had to get a little creative.

Step 1: Make Bailey think I wouldn’t be able to go to Austin in the middle of the work week. Step 2: Enlist the help of a handful of Bailey’s friends. Step 3: Coordinate dinner with 20 college girls, both of my parents, 2 of my Austin-living besties (love you Christy and Allison!!), and of course, Bebe! Step 4: Coordinate pre-party (for post-dinner/pre-downtown – so many ‘pres’ and ‘posts’) at one of Bailey’s friend’s apartment. Step 5: Cross my fingers and hope that it would all fall into place!!!

Good news, IT DID! Bailey was so surprised and it was a smashing success!

We ate dinner at Tacos and Tequila (I would definitely recommend the queso flight and tableside guacamole.). I enjoyed a marg with Christy and Allison while Bailey took a tequila flight. Bailey was VERY determined to take a shot with my mom and me, so Meegs and I split our shot and Bailey took a full shot – because that’s what you do when you’re 21! After dinner, we headed to the surprise pre-party, which was a little less of a surprise than dinner, but still a lot of fun! Shortly after shouting, “SURPRISE!!” and jumping out of our hiding spots, Christy, Allison, and I decided it was time for bed and let the college kids do their thang. It was a Tuesday, after all, and us working-girls had to wake up and be productive the next day.

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[The VERY surprised birthday girl!]

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[Gosh, I love my sissy!]

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[Allison, me, Christy – two of my absolute favorites!!]

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[Lisa and Tom Reed (some fabulous family friends), Meegs, the 21-year-old, me, Mikey, and Bebe!]


[Bailey’s b-day bash]

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[Can’t forget the balloons!]

Overall, I’d say everyone had a great time, especially Bailey! In honor of the two special birthday girls, I’ll close this post out with a few things I admire about each of them.

Bebe – Bebe has a way of always seeing the best in people. She is full of wisdom, advice, and funny stories! She loves endlessly, which is much easier said than done. She raised my mom and they have always remained close – as mother and daughter AND friends. She let me wear her wedding shoes on my own wedding day, a privilege I will cherish for my whole life. She’s a pretty darn special lady, if you ask me, and I love her with my whole heart!

Bailey Bailey is incredibly strong, smart, and beautiful. She balances work and play like a pro (ie: celebrating her 21st birthday in style, but waking up in time for her 9:00 AM class the next morning). She values the importance of family, which not all 21-year-olds understand. She’s a friend through thick and thin and will always stand in your corner. I love her so much and am incredibly blessed to have her as my sister and best friend!

That’s enough for now! Until we meet again…

Lots of love – ked

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