what to do in january

Is it just me, or is January the month of “post-holiday blues”?? I’m determined NOT to get down in the dumps about the holiday season being over! I had so much fun writing the December Bucket List post that I was inspired to write a similar post about January. So, if you’re like me and wondering what to do in January, you’re in the right spot!

what to do in january

  1. Cook more, eat out less

    Between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, I eat an ungodly amount of food! And it’s not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner – it’s all the time! I also find that I’m way less motivated to cook and end up going out to eat much more.

    January is the perfect time to head back to the kitchen and start cooking again! I’m planning on finding some new recipes to try to help myself feel excited about ditching the restaurant scene for a little while. It always amazes me how much better I feel when I eat home cooked meals as opposed to restaurant meals. It’s so much easier to manage ingredients and portion control – two things that are important to me, personally.

  2. Spice up your everyday home decorations

    If putting away your Christmas decorations brings you down, I have JUST the thing to lift your spirits – think of some new decoration ideas for your home! It can be as simple as replacing pictures in frames or buying some new throw pillows!

    I’m going to work on new center pieces for coffee table and kitchen table. I’m thinking of doing something with lanterns and adding in a bit of greenery. I was inspired by this Pinterest pic taken at a Pottery Barn!

  3. Read a new book series

    One of my favorite ways to enjoy the cold weather is to curl up with a good book! In January, I want to find either a good book series or an author who has multiple books published. For me, the hardest part about reading is picking what to read next. I think a good way to eliminate this problem is to have the books “pre-picked” – and what better way to do this than sticking with the same series or author?!

  4. Plan a Super Bowl party

    Okay, I know the Super Bowl isn’t until February, but it’s the very first weekend of February, so you’ll need to get your planning done in January! The good thing about the Super Bowl is that it’s a super casual event! If you were wanting to host a holiday party, but never got around to it, HAVE NO FEAR, THE SUPER BOWL IS ALMOST HERE!

    All you have to do is make a few dips, buy a bunch of chips, and tell your friends it’s BYOB! If Oakley and I end up hosting our own Super Bowl party, I will definitely share my planning/execution details with y’all!

  5. Plan a trip for 2017

    Set aside some time in 2017 to take at least one trip…and start planning it now! About a year ago, I read a study that talked about how planning a trip ahead of time actually makes us happier than planning a spur of the moment trip. Why? Because we get more excited as the trip approaches as compared to making a last minute decision to head out of town! Whether it’s a trip to a local destination or a trip around the world, I challenge you to start planning a trip for 2017 NOW! 🙂

Now it’s time to go out and enjoy your January! What fun things will you be doing this month? Also, do you have any suggestions on good book series and/or authors?

Lots of love – ked


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8 thoughts to “what to do in january”

    1. Allison – let me know if you come across any recipes that you love! Happy New Year to you too! ?

    1. How fun!!!! I hope you have a blast on your trip! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  1. Cool ideas to make the best of the first month of the awesome year ahead. Those are such lovely fun activities. Love the everyday decor idea!

    1. Vaishnavi – I’m always a fan of starting the year off on a good foot! I’ll actually be going to Home Goods this weekend to get a few pieces for the coffee table! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. Jae – I completely! I truly feel sooo much better when I cook instead of eat out all the time! I like thinking of going to a restaurant as a special treat 🙂

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