where to run in houston

With all of the running that Oakley and I have been doing, I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite places to run in Houston. I’m a runner that gets bored of running the same routes over and over. Luckily, Houston has a bunch of good places to run! So, if you’ve been getting bored of your regular running routes or are new to running, here’s a list of my favorite places to run in Houston!

where to run in houston

buffalo bayou

My absolute FAVORITE place to run in Houston is along the stretch of Buffalo Bayou that flows by Allen Parkway. The city has put a lot of time and money into this part of the bayou and it’s very worth the effort they’ve put into it!

There are so many reasons that I like running at the bayou, so I’ll just share my top three:

  1. The view of downtown is priceless!! If you’re running in the morning or evening, it’s breathtaking – and I’m not exaggerating! The Houston skyline looks it best with a sunrise or sunset in the midst.
  2. There are so many different things to look at/occupy your mind. You’ll run by a dog park, volleyball courts, a duck pond (Oakley and I got engaged at this duck pond!), and many other features that are sure to make you forget how tired your legs are…at least for a few minutes 🙂
  3. The hills! Call me crazy, but running hills can actually be fun sometimes! The bayou is one of the only places in Houston that has a decent amount of hills – especially inside the loop.


memorial park

Memorial Park has a lot of great things about it. It’s part of a golf course, so there are really pretty stretches! Also, there’s a Becks Prime on the course, so if you crave burgers after your runs, Memorial Park is perfect for you! A few other reasons I enjoy running at Memorial Park are:

  1. I always feel safe while running at the memorial park. No matter what time, there always seems to be another runner out there and it’s incredibly well lit.
  2. It’s a 3-mile loop, which makes it a good destination for short to mid-range runs. I get a little bored of it after a while, so I rarely do more than two loops at a time.
  3. There are port-a-potties!

the heights trail along nicholson st

When Megan and I were training for the Ironman 70.3, we did a lot of training runs on the trail along Nicholson Street in The Heights. This trail is great for intervals because it’s straight and flat. Since it’s on a street, each block is broken up by a small cross street, which makes it easy to plan out your intervals (ie: sprint two blocks, recover one block – repeat). There are so many beautiful houses along Nicholson Street – it’s hard not to daydream about living in one of them!

rice university

The Rice University trail is similar to Memorial Park in that it’s about a 3-mile-loop. However, it has a completely different vibe! The Rice trail is covered by huge, beautiful trees. If you’re on this trail, you’ll run by parts of the Houston Medical Center, Rice University’s campus, and neighborhood streets in West University. And if you time your run perfectly, you’ll see the local Farmer’s Market!

Where are your favorite places to run in Houston?

Lots of love – ked

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